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Raised Mesh

Mild Steel
Raised Mesh
Ref No.Mesh Pitch
LW (mm)
Mesh Pitch
SW (mm)
Strand WidthStrand ThicknessWeight kg / m2Sheet Size LWD x SWDMaterial Type
03-263.001.900.600.401.98500 x 1000Mild Steel
06-205.843.500.790.602.111250 x 1250Mild Steel
10-0910.245.641.550.904.301250 x 1250Mild Steel
19-9819.057.431.700.903.231250 x 2500Mild Steel
Hex 1919.059.501.221.202.411250 x 1250Mild Steel
Hex 2525.4012.701.271.201.891250 x 1250Mild Steel
Hex 25 (3.0 x 0.9)25.4013.503.000.903.151250 x 2500Mild Steel
28-9628.589.521.981.203.921250 x 2500Mild Steel
30-9430.4811.722.361.605.062440 x 1220Mild Steel
30-9530.4811.721.981.604.242440 x 1220Mild Steel
38-9538.1016.933.081.604.572440 x 1220Mild Steel
38-9738.1016.482.251.603.432440 x 1220Mild Steel
50-8850.8022.583.893.008.092440 x 1220Mild Steel
50-89 *50.8022.583.123.006.522440 x 1220Mild Steel & H D Galv
50-9150.8022.582.522.504.372440 x 1220Mild Steel
50-9350.8022.583.051.603.392440 x 1220Mild Steel
76-9276.20 33.873.583.004.972440 x 1220Mild Steel
85-9685.7340.643.183.003.672440 x 1220Mild Steel
10-95101.6050.805.033.004.662440 x 1220Mild Steel
10-97101.6050.803.353.003.112440 x 1220Mild Steel
12-69121.9231.283.503.005.272440 x 1220Mild Steel
06-20G5.843.500.790.602.111250 x 1250Pre-Galv
06-20GXL5.843.500.790.602.111250 x 2500Pre-Galv
10-03G10.245.640.790.601.311250 x 1250Pre-Galv
10-16GDM10.246.092.451.509.47750 x 1250Pre-Galv
10-16GDM10.246.092.451.509.471250 x 1250Pre-Galv
Hex 1919.059.501.221.202.411250 x 1250Pre-Galv
Hex 2525.4012.701.271.201.891250 x 1250Pre-Galv
30-94G30.0011.101.830.902.411250 x 700Pre-Galv
Galv EWI Lath50.8023.002.500.601.001250 x 2440Pre-Galv
06-01AL5.843.500.790.500.611250 x 1250Aluminium
06-01AXL5.843.500.790.500.611250 x 2500Aluminium
06-01AXXL5.843.500.790.500.611250 x 3000Aluminium
10-50AL10.245.641.171.201.351250 x 1250Aluminium
10-51A10.245.641.550.901.341250 x 1250Aluminium
Hex 19-01A19.0512.701.101.200.551250 x 2500Aluminium
19-98A19.057.431.700.901.121250 x 2500Aluminium
Hex 19-98A19.059.501.221.200.821250 x 1250Aluminium
Hex 25-98A25.4011.671.271.200.71kg1250 x 1250Aluminium
30-96A30.4811.722.361.201.281250 x 2500Aluminium
50-89A50.8022.583.123.002.252500 x 1250Aluminium
06-27S5.843.390.800.501.741250 x 1250Stainless 304
19-98S19.057.261.710.903.471000 x 2000Stainless 304
38-91S38.1016.481.911.202.232500 x 1250Stainless 304
50-87S50.8023.442.651.202.302500 x 1250Stainless 304
SS-EML30.0010.501.500.501.052500 x 700Stainless 304
SS430 EWI Lath50.8022.501.600.600.701250 x 2440Stainless 430

*Ref: 50-89: see also Security Mesh

Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh
Ref No.Mesh Pitch
LW (mm)
Mesh Pitch
SW (mm)
Strand WidthStrand ThicknessWeight kg / m2Coil WidthMaterial Type
01-41MM1.000.670.200.150.80212mm CoilStainless 304
015-57MM1.501.000.330.150.82300mm CoilStainless 304
03-01A3.001.810.280.300.25610mm x 7.62m & 10.00mAluminium
03-27MM3.001.810.250.150.34100mm, 150mm & 500mm CoilStainless 304

Micro Mesh products are available off the roll and are sold by the metre.


Raised Mesh examples

Raised Mesh Ref No. 06-01A
Ref No. 06-01A

Raised Mesh Ref No. 06-20
Ref No. 06-20

Raised Mesh Ref No. 10-09,
Ref No. 10-09

Raised Mesh Ref No. 10-16GDM,
Ref No. 10-16GDM

Raised Mesh Ref No. 1051A
Ref No. 10-51A

Raised Mesh Ref No. 19-98
Ref No. 19-98

Raised Mesh Ref No. Hex 19-01A
Ref No. Hex 19-01A

Raised Mesh Ref No. Hex 19-98
Ref No. Hex 19-98

Heavy Duty Raised Security Lath Ref No. 30-94
Ref No. 30-94

Raised Mesh Ref No. Hex 19-98
Ref No: Hex 25

Heavy Duty Raised Security Lath Ref No. 30-94G
Ref No. 30-94G

Heavy Duty Raised Security Lath Ref No. 38-97
Ref No. 38-97

Heavy Duty Raised Security Lath Ref No. 50-88
Ref No. 50-88

Heavy Duty Raised Security Lath Ref No. 50-89
Ref No. 50-89

Raised Mesh Ref No. 50-93
Ref No. 50-93

Raised Mesh Ref No. 76-92
Ref No. 76-92

Raised Security Lath Ref No. 85-96
Ref No. 85-96

Raised Mesh Ref No. 10-95
Ref No. 10-95

Raised Mesh Ref No. 12-69
Ref No. 12-69


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