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Expanded Metal

Metal Mesh is the new name in the industrial expanded metal mesh market. Our group has a proud tradition of manufacturing expanded metal products for the construction industry and are now able to supply a broad range of industrial expanded metal products direct from stock.

Expanded Metal products by Metal Mesh

 Expanded Metal - sheared to size service Sheared to size service

 Expanded Metal - bespoke made to order service Bespoke made to order service

 Expanded Metal - various finishes available Various finishes available

 Expanded Metal - comprehensive stock range Comprehensive stock range

 Expanded Metal - mild steel / galvanised steel Mild steel / galvanised steel

 Expanded Metal - stainless steel / aluminium Stainless steel / aluminium products

 Expanded Metal and Metal Mesh - security mesh Security Mesh range

 Expanded Metal and Metal Mesh - Drywall Security Meshes Drywall Security Meshes


Expanded Metal products

 Expanded Metal and Metal Mesh - Raised Mesh Raised Mesh

Raised Mesh (Raised expanded metal) is supplied in the condition in which it is produced on the machine where the individual strands are set at an angle to the plane of the sheet. Raised mesh is typically stronger and more robust than an equivalent flattened mesh due to the structural strength gained from the mesh bonds and strands being set at an angle. Open area / visibility through raised mesh is variable depending on the angle at which the mesh is installed / used. Raised mesh also provides excellent grip when used as a decking material fixed on top of timber boards or if a suitably heavy duty mesh is selected, it can be used as an effective anti-slip deck for vehicle ramps where dirt and water can easily fall through the mesh.

 Expanded Metal and Metal Mesh - Flattened Mesh Flattened Mesh

By passing the mesh through a set of heavy duty pressure rolls, the angled strands are flattened back to the original plane of the sheet. It is common that the material thickness is reduced slightly when flattened to ensure a level and even condition. Flattened mesh allows for a more consistent open area and the finished product is easier to shear to close tolerances. Fixing and welding flattened mesh is made easier due to the more two dimensional section of the mesh.

 Expanded Metal and Metal Mesh - Walkway Mesh Walkway Mesh

Expanded walkway Mesh is perfectly suited to many industrial applications and is available in two distinct styles. The long bond series of meshes (12-96W & 12-99WR for example) are designed to offer a large open area to maximise vision through the mesh and the long bond which joins each mesh provides excellent strength and grip. Standard walkway mesh (60-96W & 38-76W for example) are produced with smaller mesh openings which prevent objects passing through the mesh, particularly useful if used as a catwalk or walkway over moving machinery parts. Each walkway mesh type is able to offer excellent grip and structural strength due to the raised strands configuration.


All our expanded metal products can be supplied in a number of finishes. Hot Dip Galvanised, Powder coated, annealed and Anodised aluminium are all available.


Metal Mesh UK are centrally situated just off junction 6 of the M5 near Worcester. Collection from our warehouse is available.


Our comprehensive range of expanded metal products is available for prompt delivery from stock. We offer next day and 2-3 day delivery services and we do not charge extra for direct to site deliveries.


The range of products shown on this website are an example of our standard range. Expanded metal, by its very nature, is infinitely variable and as such, it is impossible to show every available mesh type. If your exact mesh type is not shown here, please call us - FREEPHONE 0800 999 2089 or 01386 555 500 - we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

We offer a friendly, personal service, which combined with a wealth of industry experience and product knowledge will ensure that your needs are met and your expectations surpassed.

Metal Mesh UK Limited

Expanded Metal
Metal Mesh News
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Flattened and Security Mesh Products - November 2018

New flattened / security mesh range - 38-69F - now available

Ceiling Tile Mesh Products - September 2018

New range of ceiling tile mesh products now available

Metal Mesh on Instagram - May 2018

See Metal Mesh on Instagramm Metal Mesh on Instagram

Designer Mesh updated - May 2018

See Designer Mesh


Raised Mesh | Walkway Mesh
Flattened Mesh | Security Mesh


Metal Mesh has moved to new premises: Reet House, Unit 1, Keytec East Business Park.

NEW PRODUCTS August 2016

Architectural Mesh


Please see Raised Mesh, Flattened Mesh and Walkway Mesh pages...

NEW PRODUCTS November 2015

Raised Mesh
Hex 25 (3.0 x 0.9). 25.40 x 13.50 x 3.00 x 0.90 – 3.15 kg / m2. 1250 x 2500. Mild Steel.
50-87S 50.80 x 23.44 x 2.65 x 1.20 – 2.30 kg / m2. 2500 x 1250. Stainless 304.

Flattened Mesh
30-79SFR 21.00 x 9.00 x 3.00 x 1.50 – 5.00 kg / m2. 1250 x 2500. Stainless 304.

Walkway Mesh
38-78WRN 2 new sheet sizes on 2 lines. 1250mm x 2000mm & 1500mm x 1525mm. Both mild steel.

Jan 2015

New Products: Flattened Mesh (ref: 06-24F, 06-28SFL.)

Jan 2015

Product updates: 30-76SFR.

May 2013

Product updates: 06-01AXL, 10-51AXL, 10-59FG, 14-97SF, Q16 SS and 12-96WA.

February 2013

Product updates: Flattened Mesh / Round Hole Mesh (Ref: 08-86SF (316)).

September 2012

Product updates: Solid Steel CTM Security Sheets.

July 2012

Product updates: New Raised Mesh item (reference: Ref Hex 19-01A).

July 2012

Product updates: New Raised Mesh items (references: 10-16GDM, Hex 19-18PG, Hex 25, 30-94).

July 2012

Product updates: New Flattened Mesh items (references: 10-16GDM, Hex 19-18PG, Hex 25, 30-94).

June 2012

Product updates: Raised Mesh (references: Galv EWI Lath, 06-01AXL, 10-50A, 19-98A, Hex 19-98A).

June 2012

Please see our new range of Round Hole Mesh products.

June 2012

Product updates: Flattened Mesh (references: 06-24FG, 19-94F, 38-85FGR, 30-80AF, 50-76FA).

October 2011

Metal Mesh are now on Skype™
Skype us at 'metal_mesh_uk' - call or chat via the Skype service.

September 2011

New products added:
Raised mesh (references: 38-95); Walkway mesh (reference: 12-94WM, 12-97W, 12-97WR); Flattened Mesh (reference: 50-74F LW).

July 2011

New products added:
Raised mesh (references: 10-09, Hex 19, 06-01A, 03-26, 03-27MM); Flattened mesh (reference: 30-82FR).

August 2010

Updated brochure available as a download.

August 2010

New product added - Raised Mesh (ref: 38-91S).

New product added - Flattened Mesh (ref: 50-76AF).

July 2010


New products added - Raised Mesh (ref: 10-09); Walkway Mesh (ref: 60-96WSR-304 & 60-96WSR-316); Flattened Mesh (ref: 30-81SF 316).

May 2010


Metal Mesh moved to new premises on Monday 24th May. You can find us at: 15-17 Kempton Road, Keytec 7 Business Park, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2TA. Tel: Freefone 0800 999 2089 / 01386 555 500 Fax: 01386 555 200

April 2010

Raised Mesh 50-89: now available in H D Galv finish.

Raised Mesh 10-51AG: now available in Gold Anodised Aluminium.

Flattened Mesh / Security Mesh 50-76FG: now available in pre-galv finish.

Flattened Mesh / Security Mesh 60-96F: new product vailable in Mild Steel.

Flattened Mesh 19-94SF 316: new product vailable in Mild Steel Stainless 316.

April 2010

Contact Metal Mesh UK Ltd by using our new FREEPHONE number 0800 999 2089.

November 2009

New Raised Mesh stock items
Raised Mild Steel: Ref: 76-92: 76.20mm x 33.87mm x 3.58mm x 3.00mm - 4.97 kg/m2. 2440mm LW x 1220mm SW sheet size

Raised Aluminium: Ref: 06-01A: 5.84 x 3.50 x 0.79 x 0.50 – 0.61 kg / m2. 625mm LW x 1250mm SW sheet size.

New Flattened Mesh stock items
Flattened Mild Steel: Ref: 50-76F (LW): 2440mm LW x 1220mm SW sheet size.

September 2009

New Micro Mesh product line available.

New Walkway Mesh stock items
Mild Steel and Aluminium (Ref Nos. 38-78WRN & 60-96WA).

New Raised Mesh stock items
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Pre Galv and Aluminium (Ref Nos. 28-96, 30-94G, 38-97, 30-96A & 19-98S).

New Flattened Mesh stock items
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium (Ref Nos. 30-81F, 50-73SF & 50-74AF).

August 2009

Metal Mesh now accepts CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS over the telephone.

All major credit cards accepted.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY for many stock items available.

July 2009

New product images published - see Raised Mesh (Ref No. 10-95 & Ref No. 11-99), Flattened Mesh (Ref No. 08-64FG & Ref No. 85-93F) and Walkway Mesh (Ref No. 12-99WR).

June 2009

Download New brochure

New Raised Mesh stock items
Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel (Ref Nos: 10-97, 11-99, 50-89A, 30-98A, SS-EML).

New Flattened Mesh stock items
Mild Steel, Pre-Galv and Stainless Steel (Ref Nos: 85-93F, 08-64FG, 19-94SF, 38-82SF).

March 2009

New Raised Mesh stock item
Mild Steel (Ref Nos: 10-95).

January 2009

Metal Mesh UK brochure - on-line

New Metal Mesh website goes live

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